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Into the Green Heart

A memoir about connecting with Nature

This is the website for my exciting new book, Into the Green Heart: A Woman’s Initiatory Journey in Nature.

In writing this book, Into the Green Heart, my memoir, I want to change the world. Or at least how we see our world.

I want change how we think about the often dry and dispassionate notions of environmental sustainability and ecology. And I want to bring heart back into the way we think and feel about Nature.

I take my title from a passage by Susan Griffin in her book, Woman and Nature: the Roaring inside Her. My book tells my story — the story of a professional woman at midlife, a consultant urban planner, — who abandons city life for self-imposed exile in rough conditions in an unfamiliar bush setting.

While what we might call a mid-life crisis will be familiar to many readers, I doubt that my particular way of coping with it is.

Beginning with the ‘wake-up call’ of the my close encounter with a brown snake in Arnhem Land, my book describes – via letters, journal entries and short stories – my year in the tropical bush. I tell my story of what became a journey of the self towards the Self, or the ecological Self.

In 1991, I was deeply concerned about global ecological issues, my profession and my growing exhaustion, I figured out that nothing short of a dramatic change would save me (and the Earth). So I set out from Adelaide for ‘Deep Creek’ in the Northern Territory, thousands of miles away.

I could never have predicted the archetypal journey I soon found myself experiencing.

Later I was to learn that it contained all the recognisable stages — and transitions — of an initiatory journey: Separation, Threshold and Return. But at the time, deep in the singing forest – I could hardly make any sense of it at all.

I had the fortitude to survive, beenfit from and learn from my journey — just!

I am preparing my book for publication now.

In this blog, I will share extracts from my book, my insights and some of the images that have touched me along the way.

Please contact me.

With gratitude.

Wendy Sarkissian

Contact details:

PO Box 20117 Nimbin NSW 2480 Australia

Telephone:+ 61 402 966 284

Email: wendy@sarkissian.com.au



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