First blog post: The Green Heart

Part of the Journey into the Green Heart

Into the Green Heart

Greetings! I’m that person learning how to push a wheelbarrow. Or at least I was that person.

I’m an older person now. One part of my long journey into the Green Heart is coming to an end: my midlife journey is now flourishing into elderhood.

In this first blog post, I explain how I will open up to the mystery and glory of life in Nature, sharing excerpts from my forthcoming book, Into the Green Heart: A Woman’s Initiatory Journey in Nature.

For now, to begin, just an introduction:

This book is about my personal journey of initiation. I’ve learned that journeys have the power to change us when they include Nature, wildness, solitude and unfamiliar territory. So, I chose  to live alone in an isolated place for a year. I flourished in my isolation, despite my fears.

I learned that all journeys to wholeness involve, to some degree, paradox, the absurd and the bizarre, darkness, the Shadow, taboos, the need to confront ‘old stuff’ and unhealed and unintegrated aspects of our psyches and the personalities.

But we need to be journeying in our bodies, not just our minds. We need to be embodied. That supports growth and change.

My experience confirms what others report: when we consciously undertake transformative and self-healing processes with the support wild Nature, everyone benefits and all are healed: humans, the Earth and all beings.

In this blog, I will share extracts from my memoir and insights gleaned in my time reflecting on this journey.

I invite you join me —  in this blog and Into the Green Heart — as I recount my solitary journey into the heart of Nature.

I invite comments, suggestions and criticism. If you’d like to become acquainted with the other me, you can click here:

There’s a lot to share. Please journey with me.

Fire is often an element of the journey


About Wendy

Wendy Sarkissian is an author, speaker and planner. She lives in an eco-village in rural Australia. Her interests are in environmental ethics, community engagement, social planning and caring for Nature. She holds a PhD in environmental ethics.
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