Move over, Annie Dillard, Margaret Wilson has arrived!

Touching Nature's Heart

Margaret Wilson

My lovely friend, Margaret Wilson, has written a stunning new book.

Move over Annie Dillard, Sharon Butala and Gretel Ehrlich!

Margaret Wilson has arrived.

Make way for the delicate sensibilities of Australian Margaret Wilson’s Touching Nature’s Heart!

This is a book I have been thirsting for: a delicate story of Nature experienced and held in the warm heart of an intuitive healer who knows Her so deeply and appreciates Her modest and Her bounteous gifts, Her flourishing gestures and Her bare, secret parts.

Margaret Wilson is an intuitive, an artist and a healer. She is wise and experienced with many healing modalities.

Margaret Wilson writes simply and compassionately. She writes from her heart in language anyone can understand. When I read the story of the death of her tiny black kitten, it made me cry. I remember my tears falling on the shovel as I dug a grave in frozen earth to bury my tiny black kitten decades ago.

Margaret’s photos are compelling and evocative. Each photo tells a story that is matched by the text.

And the design of the book honours both Nature and the author’s gifts as a writer and artist.

Margaret at her Book Launch

The stories are simple; they combine to reveal one powerful message: in case we might have forgotten, Nature is the great healer.

This is a book to love, to share with love and to keep, as it is clear that it has been created with love.

To read more and to contact Margaret Wilson, click here:

This book is published by Balboa Press.

To order the book, click here:


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Wendy Sarkissian is an author, speaker and planner. She lives in an eco-village in rural Australia. Her interests are in environmental ethics, community engagement, social planning and caring for Nature. She holds a PhD in environmental ethics.
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